We are an entirely volunteer based 501(c)(3) organization whose sole purpose is to bring the breed we love, Dachshunds, together with loving forever families. We are able to rescue and re-home dogs entirely through our foster network. Won't you consider Adopting , Fostering , Donating , or Volunteering so we can save as many of these amazing animals as possible.    


In July sweet Belle Patriot came to DRoH from Montgomery County Animal Shelter.  It was suspected she was a dog watched after by a homeless woman, but she was missing so many necessities.  She had severe dental disease in addition to having a skin infection and flea dermatitis.  Sadly, she wasn’t healthy enough for a dental procedure and anesthesia,  so DRoH  sent her home with a wonderful foster family who gave her quality food and love.  Belle continued to have a constant runny nose that came from congestion and sneezing. By the end of July, it was determined she would benefit greatly from a dental procedure and since she had gained enough weight, the clinic felt she was healthy enough for the risk.  At 15 years old, she had 2 fistulas repaired and her remaining teeth pulled.  Now, her nasal discharge has stopped and she’s happy, bright,  perky and alert. 

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then the above pictures are worth millions.  Belle is a happy girl thanks to Shelter Employees, Veterinarians, Volunteers, Transporters, Foster Parents and Donors who cared enough to give her a chance.  Her care cost over $2000, but looking at the results, it was worth so much more.

Please note our adoption fees: 

Pup under 1 year = $300 

Dogs 1-9 years of age = $250 

Seniors (10+ years) = $150 

Adoption Fee Payment

You can make a donation to DRoH through the PayPal Giving Fund.  100% of your donation goes straight to DRoH - no deductions, no fees and you will receive an instant tax receipt.  Just use your PayPal account.  DRoH's Charity number is 38557


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How You Can Help

DROH is in need of Sponsors, Volunteers, and Fosters. Through your generosity we are able to rescue so many wonderful pups. You can volunteer time or services at an event, sponsor a pup through their journey to mental and physical well-being, or even foster a pup to give someone a temporary home while they search for their forever family.

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