Adoption Procedures

Please read this page carefully.
The link to our Adoption Application is at the bottom of this page.

The following is a detailed explanation of how our adoption process works. This should answer all of your questions.

Step 1 - You Submit a Pre-Adoption Application.

Step 2 - Our Adoption Committee reviews your application*

Step 3 - A vet check* is conducted.

Step 4 - An interview is conducted to ensure you are familiar with what to expect from an adopted dachshund.  

Step 5 - A home visit* is scheduled to see where the dachshund will sleep, eat and play. (Currently, home visits are done virtually via Zoom, FaceTime, etc.)

Step 6 - We all work together to match the right dachshund to your family. This is very important!! This will include a virtual "Meet and Greet" session with the dog you are interested in prior to the actual adoption.  

Step 7 - Finally, it is adoption** day and your new family member will be in your home.

* If your application, vet check or home visit does not get approved, then the adoption committee will not continue with the adoption process.

** Prior to adoption day, you will sign an adoption contract and pay an adoption fee.

Please note our adoption fees: 

  • $300 for a pup under 1 year
  • $250 per dog from 1 - 9 years of age
  • $150 for one of our seniors (10+ years)

Some notes about our 7-step application/adoption process:

It takes approximately 10 to 20 minutes to complete our application in full. Please complete the entire application. The more information your give us, the better. If your application is not complete, we cannot process it.

We will ask for a name and phone number of your current vet and landlord. These are required, no exceptions! If you don't have them with you now, please wait to submit your application until you have located the information.

You must meet the following criteria before you are able to adopt a dachshund:

  • Be 21 years of age or older.
  • Reside in the state of Texas.  Unfortunately puppies are not able to be adopted out of the Houston area due to the needed extensive vetting.
  • Have a fenced yard, if you live in a house.
  • Show current and past companion animals are/were spay/neutered, have/had consistent vet recommended basic vaccinations (Rabies/DHPP) and for canines provide heartworm preventative.  
  • Be able and willing to spend the time and money necessary to provide medical treatment, training and proper care.
  • Have no children younger than 3 (three) years of age, but will assess the applicants on a case by case basis d ue to the fragile nature of our breed.

You will be contacted 2 to 10 days after submitting the application. We are a small volunteer organization and handle most of our rescue business in the evenings. Please be patient.

Please NOTE the following:

~ A submitted application does not guarantee adoption of a dachshund from Dachshund Rescue of Houston, nor does the application guarantee that the dog an applicant would LIKE to adopt from Dachshund Rescue of Houston is the one that is best suited to meet their needs. Dachshund Rescue of Houston reserves the right to offer the dog that they feel is best suited to match the application.

~ Adoptive families must agree to: periodic follow-up calls and visits during their first year of ownership, providing medical treatment when necessary, all annual booster vaccinations at the clinic of their choice as recommended by their vet and as required by city/county/state law, providing regular heartworm preventative, and keeping the dachshund contained.

~ Dachshund Rescue of Houston is committed to our dogs, and REQUIRES that they be returned to Dachshund Rescue of Houston in the event that they cannot - at any time - remain in their new home.
Submission of your application confirms that you have read and understood the adoption procedures and notes, and indicates your agreement to abide by Dachshund Rescue of Houston terms of adoption.

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