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We have a wide aray of fantastic dachshunds in all shapes, sizes, colors and coats. If you don't see what you looking for now, keep checking back. We'll have your forever friend soon enough.

Fancy Clancy is here and ready to find love! This shy but sweet boy is looking for a home to call his own. Within a week of arriving at his foster home, he has really come out of his shell. Clancy needs someone who will be patient with him as he acclimates to a new home, but after he is warmed up he will be the sweetest little cuddle bug. Clancy follows foster mom around everywhere she goes and does not like to let her out of his sight. He enjoys lounging on the sofa (perched at the highest poin...

Davie is a sweet pup waiting for his forever home! He is a brilliant pup who uses his sense of smell effectively. He quickly learns where the walls/furniture are to easily avoid them. After a couple of assists, he finds his food/water bowl with ease. He likes to by close by, so if you get up off the couch, he will happily follow you down the couch stairs and perk his nose up to follow your scent. Potty training has been a breeze; thanks to using a touch signal to indicate “good boy&rdquo...

Silver sweetie!

Hi! I'm Patty and I'm a sassy senior. My foster mom gave me a bath and I did really well. I'm learning how to use the leash but I don't like it much. I follow my foster siblings out the back door to potty in the yard like a good girl. I don't care for the doggie door. I don't like to be picked up but I do love pets and belly rubs. I would really love if you could get down in the floor with me and love on me. I love meal time and I go in my pen to eat. My foster mama says ...

I enjoy going on walks but I can't walk too far.​ I make my foster mom smile because I'm so cute when I walk. Sometimes I think I can run fast; there's a pep to my steps but for about twenty feet.​ I am relaxed, but I perk up around food.​ I am quiet and do my own thing, exploring around the house, and then I would enjoy curling up for a nap.​ ​

Sammy Topaz is a perky, sweet boy that wants nothing more than to be with people and other dogs. He is a little confused by the changes in his life but once things settle down he will be a great friend and companion.

If you need a lap warmer, I'm the best.  If your lap gets too warm, I am eager to please and will lay down wherever you tell me to.  I enjoy walks of whatever length and pace you like. I'm attentive and affectionate, and a great canine companion.  I am a loyal pup and prefer to be an only pup to my humans.

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